Let Her Rise...

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

 ...who commands the sun to rise... (Job 9:7, ESV)

 From the Jamaican shores, we advanced from our sleep to watch Him command the sun to rise! The wind was crisp, the birds were communicating in song and the dusk over the horizon prepared the way for His glory to reveal itself! It was breathtaking... the clouds peeled back and the bright orange beams peeked over the fluffy mountain tops. His majesty and wonder captivated the essence of our sight and the work of His creative hand commanded our day! 

In that moment, where my eyes captured His vision, a little piece of heaven stood before us. Only God could love us enough to give us a glimpse; a shining space of time to be reminded of how great He is! This space where His voice commands the rising of the sun, the crash of the ocean waves, the creation of a new life, the comfort through life's raging seas; where valleys are for clinging and mountain tops are for breathing. And somewhere in between the rise of a new day and the shift of the setting sun we're not left searching for Him. 

Like a captivating sunrise or a calm before the storm; He commands us to rise. To embark upon our day in awe of who He is; allowing every creative aspect of who we are to be orchestrated in Him! 

He is our creator.

He commands our way.

He is faithful.

He says, " Let her rise."


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