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>> Friday, April 8, 2011

Transfer my thoughts to a little piece of heaven; where my mind can pause, my body can relax and my soul can be refreshed!  For it is good to rest and allow refreshment to settle in. Along the walk of life we encounter many tiresome days and many tasks vying for our precious time BUT God knew we would need rest. He knew the walk would sometimes speed to a dangerous pace; a pace that only screeching halts could slow our stride.
I adore my walk! It is demanding at times, tedious with a many a schedule, eventful with contributing personalities, prosperous for the lost and wandering that we are blessed to reach out to, strengthening to those we are called to equip, divine for the love we share and FULL in so many capacities of the word! But I LOVE my walk and I am thankful for reprieve!

So, I will transfer my walk to a long, sandy beach. It overlooks the crystal blue waters and the boisterous sound of crashing waves will awake my sleeping soul. I will hold hands, dream talk, beach walk, sunbathe,  whisper sweet nothings and soak up my transfer time with my soul mate. This abundant life, promised by my King, has been filled with many years of BLISS to this wonderful, God-loving man! I am grateful for our walk together and the celebration for the strides ahead!

Please excuse my absence from the humble privilege of pouring His encouragement upon you; as I am only doing what He requires of me (and you)... RESTING :)

I hope you will plan to do so yourself... 

"By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all His work." (Genesis 2:2, NIV)


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